Papier peint photo pour la salle à manger

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Papier peint photo pour la salle à manger

Extra atmosphere with wallpaper in the dining room

Wallpaper in the dining room adds to the atmosphere. Picture yourself in Portugal, for example, with the cheerful tiles they often have in the kitchen. Choose a romantic floral pattern to create a cosy dining room. Or go for a graphic print to give your dining room that extra kick. Also great: our food and drink wallpaper packed with cool patterns, photo wallpapers of ingredients and cool texts. Thanks to the extensive choice, you are sure to find a dining room wallpaper that suits you and your home style.

Cool! Photo wallpaper behind the dining table

Do you put photo wallpaper on every wall of the dining room? Will you choose one long wall to wallpaper the entire room? Or go for photo wallpaper behind just the dining table? That way, even a large kitchen diner can be a nice place to grab a bite to eat. A photo wallpaper behind the dining table really makes a statement. Plus, it really separates the dining area from the rest of the room. The ideal way to break up a long wall and create a cosy feeling.

Beautiful wallpaper in your dining room

Frequently chosen photo wallpaper for behind the dining table is, for example, that of a Scottish Highlander. The enlargement of a still life with flowers. Or that of a black painted woman with golden lips. But you we have many more beautiful wallpapers for behind the dining table. You can also choose a beautiful print with a width of 2-3 metres to put behind the dining table. How about white marble, for example? Photo wallpaper of a stone wall? Or a gold texture? You can really go either way with wallpaper behind the dining table.

Wallpaper in a dining room and kitchen

Are you applying wallpaper in a dining room where you also cook? Then it's a good idea to make the wallpaper washable, so you can easily wipe it down with a cloth. Splashes of tomato soup, bolognese sauce or greasy olive oil? Use the special transparent wall finish to seal your dining room photo wallpaper and make it not only impact, scratch and scrub-proof. But also dirt-repellent and heat-resistant. Ideal if you are cooking near the wallpaper in the dining room. Or still have young children who sometimes want to throw things against the wall during a tantrum. Read more tips on how to keep wallpaper in the kitchen beautiful in this blog.

Styling your dining room with wallpaper

Have you chosen a nice wallpaper for the dining room? Then it's time to pay attention to the styling. That way, you can create that real restaurant atmosphere and bring everything together nicely. You can, for instance, get inspiration from Pinterest, home decoration programmes or styling books. But nothing can beat a dining room that you have styled entirely according to your own taste. One golden tip we can give you is to pick a colour from the wallpaper in your dining room and use it elsewhere in your interior. For instance in the tiles behind the cooker, in the colour of your suede chairs or in the curtains in front of the window. But also think of fun accessories like a nice vase on the table and a candlestick with candles.